Welcome and thank you for visiting our web site.  For over a quarter century DMI has assisted organizations engaged in philanthropy in Florida, the Caribbean and elsewhere in the U.S. We are proud to have served over 350 clients over the years.  View client listing go to Clients page.

Our website provides you with information on fund raising, management and training services as well as Free Tips and other free how-to information. The most visited page is Job Opportunities which is provided at no charge to organizations that request we post their openings. Our main office is in Central Florida with Associates in Boston, Denver, Georgia and San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Our eZScreen Prospect Research Service is based in Denver.

Donovan Management specializes in major gift fund raising.  We research major gift prospects for clients to better prepare their organizations for major, capital and endowment campaigns.  Secondly, we assess the client’s readiness to conduct a major gift campaign and lay out the plan.  Since 2002 we have researched and profiled over 1,000,000 potential donors through our ezScreen research service. Today we can provide clients with customized Advanced Prospect Research Services that go further in-depth for those top prospects needed to floor the campaign.

Who We Are

We’re a small firm that contracts with less than a dozen clients each year. We keep our overhead down by using contract consultants that are the best in their field –prospect research, communication, major/capital campaign management, strategic planning and leadership development. Clients benefit from our flexibility, highly personalized service, as well as constant and easy access to the firm’s principal and associates in-person, by telephone or online.

How To Engage DMI

Prospective clients are provided a no obligation consultation to discuss their needs and DMI services. If there is a match and further interest, DMI prepares a written proposal for service. Upon approval of the proposal, a written contract is prepared. Prior to commencing service DMI must file all Florida contracts with the state’s Department of Consumer Affairs to comply with the Solicitation of Charitable Contributions law.

DMI Guiding Principles

  • It’s not about the MONEY. It’s about your Mission.
  • It’s not about your Organization. It’s about your Donors.
  • It’s not about the Solicitation of donors. It’s about Inviting donors.
  • It’s not about the Competition. It’s about Communication.
  • It’s not about your Needs. It’s about your Worthiness.
  • In the end, it’s all about the Faces of Philanthropy - your donors.
  • Mission and Vision click here.