Stay Focused In 2017

By James A. Donovan • January 2nd, 2017

In this electronic age, there is no shortage of daily distractions as you try to increase giving to your organization at all levels. In this Blog we offer three tips for staying more focused in 2017.

First, consider the advice of management author Peter F. Drucker.
Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

At the end of each day, prepare a Right Things to Do List for the next day.  In short, think strategically and try not to get bogged down in daily busy work. In fundraising, nothing is more important that finding the time to get in front of current and potential major donors and having a face to face discussion.  The biggest complaint we hear from donors when doing a feasibility study for a client, is that interviewees tell us staff and board members don’t spent enough time with them, keeping them posted on the use and effectiveness of their gifts.

Second, identify new prospects by researching business journals and other business publications to learn about new business development in your region.  Many are started by millennials, those ages 18-34 that must devote a lot of time and money in marketing their new enterprise. Increasingly, they want to partner with a nonprofit, as they know the older generation they are selling to expect them to give back to the community.

Third, avoid the Trump Trap.  The media will waste no time speculating on what President Elect Trump will or will not do domestically and internationally and how his actions will help or hurt the economy.  Don’t let the speculation change your marketing message or fundraising strategy.  Focus on making a difference in the lives of people, pets and the planet.  Use lots of pictures when doing so and little copy.  Emotions make money flow to your cause.

We wish you a pro$perou$ New Year.

Jim Donovan


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