Fundraising Tips for 2018

By James A. Donovan • February 7th, 2018

When making your request demonstrate how the donor’s contribution will help the less fortunate.  In a hurricane we could all be victims in a split second. Paint a picture with emotional photos.

Awilda Ramos

Philanthropy is the love of mankind, not the love of the internet or social media. If you find it easy to send a donor an electronic request for money, the donor will find it equally as easy to hit reply and say no.  Remember the human touch, the person to person request, from the person with the need to the person with the resources.

David A. Odahowski

Donors are attracted to the stories of non-profits. It is more than just an annual campaign or fundraising event. It is the mission of the organization and why a donor should give. If the organization focuses on telling the story, an individual or company can feel the tug of the heart strings and want to give not only dollars but also their time and talents. This helps the organization on multiple levels. A long term partner in this capacity leads to much more than the one time gift/donation that traditionally takes place with a campaign or event ask.

Andrea Massey Farrell

My experience in fundraising is — be concise, clear and show dogged (and polite) determination.

Jeb Bush


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