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Fundraising Post Irma – 3 Key Steps to Take

1. Prepare a communications plan that includes an updated message. Keep in mind the social media is full of tweets/messages asking for relief donations. The challenge is to craft a message that gets attention and read.  Nothing helps more than a dramatic photo, especially of children who need help.  In addition to kids, this storm […]

Pat Williams – The 7 Musts of Leadership

In this Blog we share with you a summary of the 7 Musts of Leadership from a recent talk given by Pat Williams, Senior VP of the Orlando Magic Basketball Team at the Catholic Campus Ministry at the University of Central Florida.  The audience included students, faculty, alumni, friends and clergy involved at UCF. Vision […]

Criteria For New Board Members

In this Blog I answer the question most asked of me during my 40+ years in fundraising.  It is:  “What is the criteria we should have for new board members?  We need to be more effective in our fundraising.  What should we look for?” My response has always been the same.  Look for the 3 […]

Improving Donor Relations

In this Blog we discuss three ways to improve relationships with your donors.  As I have noted before, one of the benefits of being a fundraising consultant is that I get to talk to major donors when interviewing for studies and other matters.  These three suggestions are based on their comments. First — donors want […]

Stay Focused In 2017

In this electronic age, there is no shortage of daily distractions as you try to increase giving to your organization at all levels. In this Blog we offer three tips for staying more focused in 2017. First, consider the advice of management author Peter F. Drucker. Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the […]

Making A Difference

In this Blog, we recognize the great Making a Difference Segment on NBC Nightly News. It’s amazing to watch this and see how someone sees a need and takes action to help the less fortunate. In fundraising it’s vital that your case for giving explain to the donor how their gift will make a difference in […]

Major Gifts of Appreciated Stock

Seek Them Before The Presidential Election In this Blog, we encourage your organization to seek major gifts of appreciated stock sooner rather than later. One can make the case for doing so just by reading the various articles in the major newspapers and business publications about the anxiety of stock holders who believe the value […]

Three Tips To Help Get Fiscal Year-end Gifts

                  Feeling the pressure to end the fiscal year with a balanced budget on June 30th? In this Blog we offer three tips for motivating donors and prospects to make their gift to help your organization end the year in the black. But first, two trends we […]

The Challenge Ahead – Enlisting New Board Members

Which pool will you draw from as you seek new members for your non-profit board? Veterans born between 1909 and 1945 Boomers 1945-1965 Generation X 1965-1980 Generation Y / Millennials 1980-1994 As for Veterans, I have had the privilege in the past three years of working with an all veteran board to raise funds to […]

Veterans Day

As we celebrate Veterans Day this week, I wanted to share with you my good fortune in working with a great group of veterans in Central Florida and the three things they do to make their time most effective in their fundraising efforts. First, some background. Orlando has a new VA Hospital at Lake Nona. […]

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