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Fundraising Post Irma – 3 Key Steps to Take

1. Prepare a communications plan that includes an updated message. Keep in mind the social media is full of tweets/messages asking for relief donations. The challenge is to craft a message that gets attention and read.  Nothing helps more than a dramatic photo, especially of children who need help.  In addition to kids, this storm […]

Criteria For New Board Members

In this Blog I answer the question most asked of me during my 40+ years in fundraising.  It is:  “What is the criteria we should have for new board members?  We need to be more effective in our fundraising.  What should we look for?” My response has always been the same.  Look for the 3 […]

Improving Donor Relations

In this Blog we discuss three ways to improve relationships with your donors.  As I have noted before, one of the benefits of being a fundraising consultant is that I get to talk to major donors when interviewing for studies and other matters.  These three suggestions are based on their comments. First — donors want […]

Stay Focused In 2017

In this electronic age, there is no shortage of daily distractions as you try to increase giving to your organization at all levels. In this Blog we offer three tips for staying more focused in 2017. First, consider the advice of management author Peter F. Drucker. Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the […]

7 Key Points to Establish and Promote Your Brand

Special thanks to Bruce Turkel of Turkel Brands for being our guest blogger. Learn more about Bruce and his company here. ALL ABOUT THEM – Most people listen to you when what you say benefits them. If you’re communicating correctly, you’re entertaining them, educating them, or enlightening them. Hopefully you’re doing all three  – especially if […]

Your Donor – Thank-a-Thon Event

Now is the time to plan your donor Thank-a-Thon.  By holding it in September, you position your organization for the year-end push for giving when 75% of most donors make their gift in November or December. Why?  The number one complaint we hear from donors when conducting client feasibility studies is that they do not […]

More Face Time and Less “Facebook”

As you seek increased and new major gifts in 2016, do you have a plan? If so, does your plan address these key questions. Will your staff and volunteers have the discipline to manage their time so that they have more face time with major gift prospects and donors? Will your staff and volunteers shut […]

A Hacker’s Guide to Philanthropy?

In our combined 80 years in fund raising, we were shocked when we saw a recent headline in the June 27 edition of the Wall Street Journal, A Hacker’s Guide to Philanthropy.  At first we thought this would be about how to hack a nonprofit website and steal their money.  Turns out the author, Sean […]

Reaching New Donors

When the reader visits your website, do they see lots of copy and links, or is there a high impact picture that shows the result of your work? Is the first impression about your organization or the clients you serve? Pictures provide the emotional impact. Just look at the web sites of organizations rescuing animals […]

Q and A on 5 Ways to Fund Your Fundraising Budget

In December of 2014 we sent our Blog: 5 Ways to Fund Your Fundraising Budget …since then we have received numerous emails and telephone calls from volunteers and staff. Clearly this is a timely issue. So much so we want to share with you some of the recurring questions we were asked and our response to them.  […]

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